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Best Borderlands 2 Characters TIER LIST S Tier - Borderlands 2 Characters. Salvatore is a bit of a one trick pony, but his tricky is ridiculous and it's... A Tier - Borderlands 2 Characters. Krieg is capable of putting out intensely high damage numbers. The problem is he has... B Tier - Borderlands. Zer0 is a cool and secretive Borderlands 2 character. Since he always wears a mask, nobody knows what he really looks like. He is an assassin who charges money to go on missions and ended up with..

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  1. Here are the six characters you can play as in Borderlands 2: Axton (Commando) Maya (Siren) Salvador (Gunzerker) Zer0 (Assassin) Gaige (Mechromancer) Krieg (Psycho
  2. In this video i go over all the playable characters in borderlands and describe their playstyles in hopes to make it easier on newer players to decide which.
  3. Borderlands 2 has four different playable characters, one for each member of the party. Maya the Siren, Axton the Commando, Zer0 the Assassin, and Salvador the Gunzerker. Most modern packages with the game come along with all of its DLC that has released throughout the years. This includes the introduction of 2 more playable characters

If you're playing Borderlands 2 solo, you should go for heroes that possess deployable artifacts, or that regenerate their health more efficiently. This will help you to survive for a longer period of time in the heat of combat. Good examples of such characters are Axton, Gaige, and Kreig. All of them possess skill trees and passive abilities that are centered on defensive techniques. Axton and Gaige can unleash turrets that will automatically assault your foes. This will help. In my experience, the best characters for a new player are Maya, Axton and Gaige. Maya excels at controlling mobs when you have points into skills like Converge, Ruin, Scorn and Chain Reaction, and can heal both others and herself. If you intend to go into multiplayer, she can instantly ressurect fallen teammates Maya is the siren character of Borderlands 2 who possesses the ability to Phaselock her enemies in the air for a short time, allowing for her teammates to wreak havoc on more difficult enemies There is none who is made for playing solo. Every character in Borderlands 2 can be played solo. They just have different fighting styles and therefore, some are better for soloing the game. Note that this only applies to the first 2 difficulties. Once you hit UHVM. The game will become harder. MUCH harder. Axton

If you want to play always solo, included raid bosses, the most straightforward character is Salvador. Most fun?, that's subjective, Maya is a fun and tactic character, Krieg is a crazy slaughter, Gaige offers a totally different mechanic with her mania build, Zero is one of the more challenging characters, with sniper, melee and pistol oriented builds...Axton is the most boring for me Sal and Zero were the first two characters I tried when visiting friends, and having gotten them both to OP8 I'd say try Sal first- Zero is the ultimate glass cannon and can be squishy as mentioned and against certain bosses will have a tough time if say you go melee. Sal is definitely more tankier and has health and ammo skills that will really help keep him alive while you learn his intricacies Welcher Charakter ist der Beste? (Borderlands 2) hey, ich kann mich nicht für einen Charakter entscheiden. Kann mich einer beraten? Danke im Vorraus . Frage gestellt am 17. Oktober 2012 um 18:51.

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Amara the Siren is an interesting character, as you have the choice of creating a build which focuses on powerful stackable attacks, or one based on support, where elemental augmentations deal. Zer0 is the playable Assassin class character in Borderlands 2. He is an assassin for hire, his Decepti0n grants him the ability to deploy a holographic decoy of himself and enter an invisible stealth mode. While cloaked, Zer0 can inflict more damage on his enemies

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  1. Borderlands 3: Which Character To Choose. The Vault Hunters in Borderlands 3 each feature deep skill trees and fun actions skills, so who is the best Vault Hunter to play on day one
  2. Which Borderlands 2 Character Are You? From Bandits to Bullymongs to Boom & Bewm, there are lots of things to shoot on Pandora. Borderlands 2 has all the guns but, I wonder, who will wield these guns? Will you be a Commando, a grizzled soldier, shooting all in your path with your assault rifle? Will you be a Siren, mystical and deadly, tearing into enemies with your dual SMGs? Will you be an.
  3. Borderlands 1 has an overall 4 Borderlands 1 Characters. All of the Borderlands 1 Characters have been briefly explained below with their unique skills and fighting styles. 1. Roland the Soldier - Roland is an all-round character, with his unique ability Scorpio Turret, he manages to land highly destructive attacks plus this also defend him.
  4. Characters; Characters; Playable Characters; Playable Characters; Axton; Gaige; Maya; Salvador; Zer0; Krieg; Main Cast; Main Cast; Brick; Claptrap; Ellie; Guardian Angel; Handsome Jack; Hunter.
  5. Borderlands 2 has a number of different characters and classes. The characters are called Axton (of the Commander class), Salvador (of the Gunzerker class), Zero (of the Assassin class) and Maya (of the Siren class)

The Top Five Characters from Borderlands 2 1. Axton (Commando). With ten years in the Dahl military force, Axton can use a sabre turret. This turret is a gem of a... 2. Zer0 (Assassin). Possibly one of the coolest characters in the game, Zero may initially feel limited; however, one of... 3.. So it's worth trying multiple characters if more than one interests you. You can get a general feel for them much faster than you did in Borderlands 2. level 2. 3 points · 6 months ago. I play as Misha in main campaign. So fun to use. Feels a bit like a DOOM game. Continue this thread level 1. 6 points · 6 months ago. Jack is probably the best solo character to go mindless with. His ability. Just For Fun Awesome Borderlands Character Report. Add to library 14 ». The Borderlands universewell, it's a mental one in all honesty. From psychos to vault hunting murderers tomore psychos I guess. This quiz will try to find out which zany, warped.

Borderlands 2 Character Build. Gunzerker. This Gunzerker build has had months in the making since Salvador is arguably one of the most difficult characters to build in Borderlands 2. Every tree I went down seemed uneven and not powerful enough to sustain either high damage output or the ability to stay alive long enough to actually produce high. Borderlands2 skill calculator Vanilla UC You can now use one character to run through the levels and kill mobs while the rest of the characters sit at the starting area and reap the benefits. As it stands right now, as long as your.

Each character plays their own way, and the three different skill trees add their own dynamic. This means that every playthrough can be a new experience based on the class and build you choose. The bazillion guns you get also help of course. Borderlands 2 has so many skills, with some being absolutely useless, to others being stupidly. Borderlands 2 just got new DLC with Commander Lilith and the Fight for Sanctuary. You'll need a level 30 character to start it, so here's how to get one Karima is a non playable character that appears in Borderlands 2 and in the Borderlands Pre-Sequel DLC, the Claptastic Voyage. She is the administrator of Overlook

although still strange that that you can't delete your chars otherwise. you might call it a feature to regain chars you didn't delete on purpose but honestly i think that questioning if you REALLY want to delete the selected/highlighted char is enough whoever cannot read and deletes a wrong char... well... your own faul Zane, the Operative (aka the Gun Man) Zane readily fits into the Borderlands tradition of characters like Roland and Axton. Historically, they're the normiest Vault Hunters available, though Zane at least has a neat older fella look going for him. In terms of gameplay, though, Zane is much more tricky than his predecessors Download the latest version of the Borderlands 2 Save File Editor (Optional) .NET Framework 4 is necessary to run Gibbed's Save Editor. You need to install this if your PC doesn't already has this. Open Gibbed's; Click Open. PC should be the platform selected by default. Navigate to your save folder. Gibbed's should already be here by default This mod contains Borderlands 2 saved games that include all the gear in the game at OP10 level 80. Each character has modded stats including, skills, ammo, drop-able Eridium Stacks, Seraph crystals, and Torgue Tokens. To be able to experience the full length of these characters you need either, The Handsome Jack Collection or all the DLCs for Borderlands 2. These characters were created in. The psycho definitely has the highest amount of fun perks. For example, release the beast is one of the most overpowered skills in the game, in my opinion. Whenever your health is below a third of maximum, you can activate buzz axe rampage and aut..

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1. Extract all the files in the archive into their own folder, and then place that folder in the same drive as the game installation (same drive as steamapps\common\Borderlands 2). 2. Right click on Gibbed.Borderlands2.SaveEdit.exe, go on the properties tab, then tick the box to Run as Administrator This guide will show players the different ways that they can use the character Zero in Borderlands 2 and how he can be used most effectively. By Freeman Stoddard Published Jun 05, 2020. Share Share Tweet Email. 0. Comment. The world of Borderlands 2 is filled with entertaining and charming characters. The game gives a good selection of playable characters that have their own styles of. Borderlands 2 Character Build: Psycho. Krieg, the newest class to grace the wastes of Borderlands 2 has finally had enough playtime to hopefully give you a solid no-holds-barred Borderlands 2 Character Build for the Psycho class. The Psycho is an interesting class, it's one that feeds on downed shields and low hp. The Borderlands 2 Character Build we've come up with completes both the.

In Borderlands 2, Mordecai is a non-player character. He serves as a spy in the Crimson Raiders and provides cover fire for the Vault Hunters in several missions. Mordecai's main role in the plot focuses on Hyperion's Wildlife Exploitation Preserve, where his pet Bloodwing is being held captive and experimented on. By the time Bloodwing is found, she has grown to gigantic size and has been. Krieg the Psycho is the second (and final) DLC character that was added to Borderlands 2, becoming the sixth overall playable character in the game. He was released on May 14th, 2013, after being initially revealed on March 24, 2013

Borderlands 2 has four playable classes, and 2 additional classes are available as DLC characters; thus, the game has a total of six classes to choose from. Each character has their own story, abilities, and skill trees. Choose your best Borderlands 2 class from the six classes listed below. Best characters for solo play Gaige (DLC Playable Borderlands 2 class: Axton the Commando. Axton is a playable character in Borderlands 2 and an NPC in Borderlands the Pre-Sequel, his class is commando it's all about technological gears and weapons. Axton's main skill is to deploy a Dahl turret, a mounted gun which can be upgraded with more abilities. The turret deploys for 20. Many Borderlands 2 characters will be in the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 first-person shooter action-RPG game when it releases the week of September 18th, 2012. 2K Games has revealed quite a lot of info on who's in the game. There are many returning favorites, but the game will also have new player characters, as well as DLC characters Borderlands 3 might be all about collecting the universe's foremost selection of more than one billion guns, but without the best character build to back it up, you might as well be packing a. Borderlands 2 | Mechromancer spielen Borderlands 2 | Kein Mauszeiger Borderlands 2 | Shift Cod

Finding the best character really comes down to whichever character stands out to you the most when it comes to abilities and overall character. You're going to be hearing a lot from your player. Zane is more than the typical soldier of the previous Borderlands games. He has the ability to use two different Action Skills at once. (If you choose to use both, you won't be able to use. Bewege den Cursor über oder tippe auf einen Skill, um mehr über ihn zu erfahren. Klicke auf Kaufen oder Ausrüsten, um ihn zu deinen Baum hinzuzufügen. [ [ previousCharacter.title ]] Teile deine Variante. [ [ nextCharacter.title ]] Dieser Skill-Baum ist nur für Besitzer von Borderlands 3: Designer's Cut verfügbar Borderlands 3 Characters, Classes, and Abilities Amara, the Siren. Many newcomers to the Borderlands games assume that the Siren characters are the game's rough equivalent to mages - equipped with flashy abilities, but fragile in head-to-head combat. And while that may be true in some cases, it's very much not the case with Amara, who is essentially this game's answer to the first game. The Best Builds for Zero in Borderlands 2. Whether you're a newcomer to Borderlands 2, playing the assassin character, Zero, for the first time, or just looking for some better builds to get the most out of combat, this article will help.I've listed my four favorite builds for Zero, each focused on a particular skill. They are

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Re: Borderlands 2which character start off with and why? Yes, I was pleasantly surprised that Maya can levitate bosses, since the ability explicitly says that it doesn't work on all enemies. As a general note: the badass points are a nice touch for if/when you roll alts Borderlands is an action role-playing first-person shooter video game franchise set in a space western science fantasy setting, created by Gearbox Software and published by 2K Games for multiple platforms.. The series consists of four games, each with multiple downloadable content packs: Borderlands (2009), Borderlands 2 (2012), Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (2014) by 2K Australia and. 1. FL4K. I won't keep you in suspense here. Probably the overall best solo character in Borderlands 3 is the one that about half of players say they're going to main. As you might expect, a. Picked up Borderlands 2 in the Steam sale. Heard it's a lot better than the first one, which I found to be meh. Saw some gameplay videos with some actually somewhat funny dialogue, which was a nice surprise. I doubt I'm going to be playing it more than once, so I wanted to know which class(es) are the most fun to play, especially since the character selection screen tell you precisely fuck-all. Borderlands 2 VR ist im Moment nur für PlayStation®VR verfügbar. Welche Inhalte sind im Spiel verfügbar? Zurzeit enthält Borderlands 2 VR das Hauptspiel und die Charaktere: Axton, Maya, Salvador und Zer0. Werden noch die DLC veröffentlicht? Im Moment haben wir keine neuen Inhalte anzukündigen. Bei Veränderungen werden wir diesen Artikel aktualisieren

Seven Minutes In Heaven With Random Character 2.0. August 5, 2019 KoiKomaeda . Online Media TV Youtube Detroit Borderlands Borderlands 2 Characters: Ren, Strade, Vincent(boyfriend to death) Connor, Rk900, Gavin (Detroit:Become Huma) Handsome Jack (borderlands 2) Jacksepticeye (YouTube) Add to library 941 Discussion 360. Friend of the Friendless. December 25, 2018 Terry . Action Fanfiction. Borderlands 3 has been modernized and so has the movement capabilities of the playable characters. You will now be able to perform slides. You can perform such a move by press the crouch button (B on the Xbox controller) while you are running. Now you can slide behind cover if you are taking heavy fire but you can also use it to sneak up on enemies that are behind cover. While sliding you are. Die Charaktere und Klassen sind essenzielle Bestandteile des Spielerlebnisses von Borderlands 3. Sie haben unterschiedliche Eigenschaften und unterstützen dadurch Ihren persönlichen Spielstil. Einen Überblick über die unterschiedlichen Figuren und ihre Profession erhalten Sie bei uns

This can also be done in Borderlands 2. Fast travel to Sawtooth Cauldron. Go forward, and jump off the cliff to reach Sawtooth Stilts. Then, turn left, and go through Smoking Guano Grotto. You will eventually reach the Main Street Reservoir area. Continue until you are at the very edge of the map, on a beach overlooking the reservoir. Scattered around the beach are five colored barrels. Shoot. Borderlands 2: Zuerst solltet ihr einen Charakter im 2. Spielverlauf haben (Wahrer Kammerjäger) und einen 2. Controller oder einen Freund mit dem ihr das macht. Nun müsst ihr bis zum.

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Hi Leute ich spiele borderlands 2 auf der ps4 und ich habe mit meinem psycho Charakter das spiel durch gespielt. Jetzt ist meine Frage soll ich den Kammer Jäger Modus spielen da man bessere Sachen bekommt und seine statisken noch hat oder einen neuen Charakter machen Borderlands 2 VR, like Bethesda's reworks before it, And alongside all of this comes a deep character progression system (with four very different character classes available) which allows. Borderlands 2: Krieg der Psycho kommt als neuer Charakter im Mai - Trailer. 25.03.2013 um 11:57 Uhr von Susanne Braun - Auf der PAX East 2013 haben die Entwickler von Gearbox den neuen Charakter. Borderlands 2 bietet ein nahtloses System, mit dem du eine Kampagne unterbrechen und weiterspielen kannst, ohne das Spiel jemals neu starten zu müssen. # Weltumspannende Story . Decke die finsteren Geheimnisse der Hyperion Corporation auf und stelle dich dem ruchlosen CEO von Hyperion, Handsome Jack, der das ganze Universum maßlos getäuscht hat. # 87 Bazillionen Waffen. Zusätzlich zum. **Die Besitzer des originalen Season Pass oder der Borderlands 3 Super Deluxe Edition sowie Besitzer von Season Pass 2, Borderlands 3 Ultimate Edition oder Borderlands 3 Next-Level Edition erhalten sämtliche Multiversum-Finale-Form-Kosmetik-Packs gratis

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Borderlands 2: Levelsystem und Charaktere lassen Gemeinsamkeiten mit Diablo 3 erkennen 07.08.2012 um 17:12 Uhr von Johannes Goltz - Borderlands 2 wird durchaus berechtigt immer wieder mit Diablo. Borderlands 2 erscheint am 21. September für PC, Xbox 360 und PlayStation 3. Um euch auf die baldige Veröffentlichung der Action-Rollenspiel-Fortsetzung einzustimmen, stellen wir euch die vier..

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Originally Answered: In Borderlands 2, which character class has the skill tree that has the most fun, interesting skills and perks? I'd say the Psycho is the wackiest and uniquest, but Mechromancer has the largest variables Which characters are you from the Borderlands 2? (only characters that fight and Jeck) (only characters that fight and Jeck) See what character are you most like to from the borderlands 2. After the events of Borderlands 2, Axton seems to have found a career as a model as Echo logs in-game talk about his magazine covers, body pillows, and his paint job that Moze can put on her Iron Bear. 8 Lilith Got Used To Being The Leader. Lilith is arguably the most recognizable character from the Borderlands series, her only competitors being Handsome Jack or maybe Tiny Tina. She's the. All 6 playable characters of Borderlands 2. Which one are you? (after receiving your answer click on the link in the description for a background on the character(s). Get the complete, official guide to Borderlands the Pre-Sequel, available now.. Let's start with Athena, whom you might have seen in the 2009 Borderlands 2 DLC, The Secret Armory of General Knoxx. Athena is more of a tank class, meaning she can carry an impressive amount of firepower, whether letting loose with a pair of assault rifles or going with something heavier like a rocket launcher

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Gearbox detailed a fifth playable character, the Mechromancer, that will be available as DLC for Borderlands 2 around two months after the game hits shelves. Taking inspiration from Jamie Hewlett's.. Als Allererstes solltet ihr beachten, welchen Charakter ihr ausgewählt habt. Selbst richtig fette Waffen und Schilde können die falsche Wahl sein, wenn sie nicht zur Klasse passen. So eignet sich beispielsweise der beliebte und bekannte Schild The Bee in erster Linie für Zer0. Unten habe ich euch eine Liste mit Ausrüstung für die vier ersten Charaktere zusammengestellt. Mit den dort aufgeführten Items wird euch das Spiel deutlich erleichtert Skins are alternate costumes that can be equipped to any character upon either starting a brand new character or by going to a New-U Station. In actuality, all of the skins for a character are simply palette swaps of their original costume, with each character having around 90 of them. The good thing is that all of them pretty much have the same unlock conditions for them, which is what will.

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